Abstract| Volume 45, ISSUE 4, SUPPLEMENT , S10, July 2013

FIT (Food Initiative Taskforce) for Kids: A Model for Garden-based Nutrition Education Programming


      FIT for Kids is a garden-based nutrition education program that uses a systems approach to create sustainable change in food and lifestyle choices, targeting SNAP-ed eligible clientele. Hands-on lessons directly address four major barriers to healthy food access.

      Target audience

      The target audience is youth ages 11 to 17 years old from under-served neighborhoods who take part in a summer learning program.

      Theory, Prior Research, Rationale

      The FIT for Kids program is based on a learning model proposed by Alfred Bandura, that self-efficacy experiences lead to sustainable change. The FIT model develops a supportive environment that allows participants to experience The Eight Discoveries of Self-Efficacy (8 identifiable experiences that contribute to lasting change) in many different contexts.


      The FIT model uses a unique systems approach that focuses on creating experiences of self-efficacy as participants gain knowledge and skills in growing and preparing healthy food within a supportive community setting. Participants become advocates for good nutrition and a healthy food system in their communities. The program is designed to encourage The Eight Discoveries of Self-Efficacy, which are measurable indicators of sustainable change.


      The evaluation results (based on retrospective surveys) for the past 3 years will be presented, and examples of successful program implementation will be shown on a powerpoint presentation and video.

      Conclusions and Implications

      The implications of a systems approach based on empowering experiences within a supportive community for nutrition education will be discussed. The FIT model provides a strategy to address barriers that prevent access to healthy food through supporting sustainable personal and community change.


      Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education.