Eating Expectantly: Practical Advice for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy

      Eating Expectantly: Practical Advice for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy, 4th ed. Swinney B. 2013. Healthy Food Zone, 8001 N. Mesa-E #142, El Paso, TX 79932. Softcover book; 456 pp, $19.95, ISBN: 978-0-9632917-0-7.
      Everyone wants to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby. Eating Expectantly offers great advice for women who are planning to become pregnant and for those who have just delivered. Pregnancy outcomes can be affected by what women do during pregnancy, and this book offers clear advice and information on what to do and how to do it.
      The question-answer method of how the book is written makes it easy to follow and understand. It allows the reader to find specific sections of interest. The quizzes help the reader to gain a better understanding of the material. The guest author sections in each chapter offer a personal and enlightening insight to that chapter's information.
      The book starts at the point when the child is still a thought, so the parents can be as healthy as possible before the baby is conceived. It covers common issues that arise when a woman is trying to get pregnant, such as nutrient deficiencies, depression, diabetes, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Swinney discusses fertility, with tips and research to improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant.
      A pregnant woman's nutrient needs are discussed with clear information about what to eat. It is like having a registered dietitian help plan meals for each trimester. Practical advice is offered on everything from morning sickness to constipation. Explanations of how the baby is growing help the mother to understand why what she eats is vital to her health and that of her baby. Discussion of vegetarian eating and high-risk pregnancy ensures that all bases are covered.
      After the baby's birth, the book explains how to feed the newborn. It gives an honest account of breastfeeding and obstacles mothers face soon after returning to work. The quick dinner menu ideas that are provided are a huge help for mothers as they try to juggle life with a new baby. The suggestions about losing weight after delivery and postpartum exercise are timely. Additional information provided about "stocking the pregnant kitchen" is another item that most mothers do not think about. This chapter makes it easy to figure out what to buy and why. Tips provided for eating out will help everyone in the family, not just the mother.
      Eating Expectantly provides parents-to-be with a wealth of information to help start and go through pregnancy armed with health and nutrition information that is vitally important to a successful pregnancy. It should be read before, during, and after pregnancy. The book is an educational tool that will be useful for a long time.
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