Understanding Nutrition

      Understanding Nutrition, 13th ed. Whitney E, Rolfes S. 2013. Wadsworth-Cengage Learning, 20 Davis Dr, Belmont, CA 94002-3098. Hardcover book; 928 pp, $199.00, ISBN: 9781133587521.
      Nutrition has always been a fascinating topic. Now more than ever, people are starting to make the connection between healthy eating habits and good health. The general public wants to be informed about the latest research and food facts. They also want to be a part of the global conversation that centers around one of life's most basic needs, food. However, nutrition is more than just about eating; it is a science rooted in research and debate. No matter how fierce the conversation, everyone has an opinion or perspective, and they want to be heard.
      This resource seeks to give everyone a voice, covering topics such as: breastfeeding, food safety, environmental contaminants, weight loss, hunger, and supplements, just to name a few. These hot topics are being discussed among consumers, educators, students, and the world. This author notes that the book was purposefully designed. The layout was meant to invite, engage, and promote an atmosphere of enhanced learning.
      A vast amount of information is shared in this textbook, and it challenges readers to apply information about its contents to their own personal choices and habits. The structure of the resource provides a well-rounded approach to learning, knowledge, information, and study topics. This is a strategic way to address issues in the broad field of nutrition.
      It appears that the authors seek to appeal to an audience with diverse learning styles and methods of study in which one is able to choose from multiple tools. For example, “Try It” allows readers to practice what they have learned. For the highly organized, there is the Learning GPS, which provides a roadmap for active reading. This is a valuable tool for processing information.
      For those who are visual learners, “How To” and “Try It” sections use a more hands-on and visual approach to learning. The reader is able to perform calculations step-by-step to understand protein intake or carbohydrate concentration in a sports drink. There is even a method of approach to address controversial topics such as fad diets and weight loss scams.
      The end of the book contains study cards and practice quizzes. There are multiple ways to learn, retain, and stay engaged with the material. The book challenges readers to go beyond the pages of the text and examine their own habits, food relationship, and choices. The information contained in this educational resource will have an effect on how the reader views food and nutrition and processes information. This resource would be a welcome addition to any educator in the field of Nutrition Science.
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