Poster Abstract| Volume 48, ISSUE 7, SUPPLEMENT , S37, July 2016

What’s on Your Plate? Introducing Canada’s Eat Well Plate 1.0


      Health Canada’s Eat Well Plate (EWP) is an education tool that supports the application of Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) by bringing healthy eating guidance to a to real-life setting—a meal.

      Target Audience


      Theory, Prior Research, Rationale

      Based on the Information-Motivation Behavioural Skills Model, the EWP facilitates information and motivation to work through the behavioural skill of building a healthy meal to change healthy eating behaviour. Resulting from an assessment of the use of CFG, and early reports from similar plate models, the EWP aims to communicate dietary guidance through context of use.


      The EWP is an educational tool, based on a plate model for communicating dietary guidance, which includes a visual depicting food group proportions and provides actionable tips to make healthy food choices when building a healthy meal.


      The EWP resulted from assessment of the use of CFG, where some challenges in communicating existing dietary guidance were identified. The EWP will be assessed using a RE-AIM framework.

      Conclusions and Implications

      In its current implementation, the EWP has been positioned to address existing challenges in communicating dietary guidance; however the EWP is also set to evolve as the context in which it is used evolves. Health Canada is exploring innovative ways to enable users to apply dietary guidance through the EWP, with the aim to support healthy eating behaviour.