USDA NIFA Poster Abstract| Volume 48, ISSUE 7, SUPPLEMENT , S117, July 2016

Spanish Adaptation of My Child at Mealtime: A Feeding Style Self-Assessment Tool for Low-Income Parents of Preschoolers


      To describe the Spanish adaptation of My Child at Mealtime (MCMT), a previously validated, visually enhanced, self-assessment tool to measure feeding practices of low-income parents of preschoolers.


      A convenience sample of 17 Spanish-speaking Head Start parents with 2-5 year old children underwent cognitive interviews on “Mi Niño a la Hora de Comer” (MNHC), the Spanish version of MCMT. Adaptation of the tool involved a multistage, iterative process that included forward translation, face-validation through cognitive interviews with the target audience, and examination of conceptual consistency with the English version by the research team, including a native Spanish-speaking dietitian.


      Eleven of the 27 items in the tool were modified according to participants’ feedback, examined for conceptual consistency, and retested in consecutive interview rounds (n=4), each comprised of a different set of participants. Changes included: adding (3 items), replacing (3 items), or removing words (5 items); adding (1 item) or replacing examples (1 item); and replacing pictures (5 items). Most changes (94%) occurred after the first and second rounds. Five items were refined to a final version after 2 evaluation rounds; six items were refined after round three.

      Conclusions and Implications

      Face-validity and conceptual consistency of MNHC was achieved after an iterative adaptation process. Next steps include testing this Spanish-adapted version of the tool for criterion validity, internal reliability, and time stability.


      USDA Grant #2015-68001-23280

      Supplementary data