South Dakota Team Nutrition: Farmer Grow MyPlate and Power Chef Challenge


      Increase nutrition education by motivating students to use MyPlate to eat healthfully as well as to teach how MyPlate foods are produced. Provide culinary and nutrition education training to school nutrition professionals, elementary and middle school students with the Power Chef Challenge.


      Farmers Grow MyPlate uses each of the USDA MyPlate food groups as the focus to provide hands-on lessons on nutrition, physical activity, food preparation, food safety, and food production. Lesson implementation, food preparation activities and especially field trips to farms and markets are being supported with sub-grants for use in summer day camps, school classrooms, after-school programs, and summer child care settings. Power Chef Challenge is a nutrition education program teaching basic food preparation skills with the intent of having youth participants share and prepare healthy recipes with their families. The core outcome is the ability to prepare a healthy meal or dish based on USDA MyPlate guidelines.


      Pre- and post-surveys will be analyzed for all children who participate in Farmers Grow MyPlate and Power Chef Challenge. They will be scored, and pre- and post-intervention scores will be compared using t-tests.

      Conclusions and Implications

      Survey results from the 2014-2016 implementation of Farmers Grow MyPlate will be shared. Pilot program survey results from the spring 2017 implementation of Power Chef Challenge will also be shared. Process measures will inform modifications to both Farmers Grow MyPlate and Power Chef Challenge.


      USDA Team Nutrition Training Grant, FNS-CNTN-16-SD, FNS-CNTN-14-SD

      Supplementary data