Use of Engaging Online Videos in Conjunction with New Feeding Content to Enhance a Current EFNEP Program


      The overall purpose of this study is to add parenting content to the existing Eating Smart Being Active EFNEP nutrition program. The plan is to modify videos previously developed for a prevention program and use these videos along with newly developed in-person and online parenting activities to enhance the nutrition program. These new activities and videos will provide parents with appropriate tools to use in feeding children.


      Participants will be mothers who are participating in the existing EFNEP nutrition program in the states of Colorado and Washington. Parenting activities and the videos will be delivered in one of two conditions - online versus in-person.


      Editing of the videos produced in the previous project is complete and includes additional footage shot in the first year of the project. In-person and online parenting activities were developed to accompany the videos along with new artwork, animation, and narration. Infographics were developed for each lesson (both online and in-person) including illustrations and animation. A Facebook platform was developed for the online program implementation and tracking. Once piloting is complete and modifications made based on the pilot, a randomized controlled trial will begin. Assessments will take place at pre-, post-, at 6 and 12 months.

      Conclusions and Implications

      Childhood obesity prevention efforts have rarely been successful. Incorporating parenting content into prevention efforts may be a missing link in combatting childhood obesity.



      Supplementary data