Poster Abstract| Volume 49, ISSUE 7, SUPPLEMENT 1, S62, July 2017

Bridging Research, Education and Practice Across Disciplines: Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro)


      Build and evaluate a multidisciplinary network to translate nutrition knowledge into clinical practice and policies.

      Theory, Prior Research, Rationale

      Many illnesses are preventable by early recognition and nutritional management. Lack of training and accessible evidence prevent health professionals from incorporating nutrition effectively into practice. Award-winning NNEdPro developed an international multidisciplinary network of nutrition professionals to; identify knowledge gaps in nutrition medical practice; deliver nutrition education online and in person, evaluate education methods and inform policy.


      Target Audience was health professionals in clinical, research, industry and policy settings. With our knowledge-to-action framework, NNEdPro has incorporated nutrition into University of Cambridge’s medical curriculum; organises Annual Summits on Medical Education Research; established network hubs in India, Australia/New Zealand, USA/Canada to strengthen nutrition education and research methodology for regional professionals; and delivers an accredited Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition to train professionals on integrating nutrition into practice.


      Over 100 peer-reviewed publications including a Special Issue for the Royal Society of Public Health focusing on medical nutrition education and research illustrate NNEdPro’s success with its multidisciplinary model of change.

      Conclusions and Implications

      NNEdPro provides: A Global Training Academy for strengthening knowledge, attitudes and practices; Consultancy services and support for education research and implementation programmes; the NNEdPro Cambridge Foundation to facilitate public understanding of nutrition; the Consortium of Research Laboratories to combine Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Dietary Bioactives research capabilities. NNEdPro continues to employ nutrition education of health professionals to enhance generation and translation of evidence into practice and policy.