P10 Blended Learning: Use of Instructional Videos in an Undergraduate Food Preparation Lab


      The goal of this research study was to determine if supplemental, instructional videos would be beneficial in teaching scientific concepts and preparation procedures in a sophomore introductory foods class.

      Use of Theory or Research

      Students no longer enter college with basic food knowledge and are therefore not prepared to understand the science of food. Observation from instructors and researchers support this. Knowledge of food is essential in preparing nutrition and dietetic students to be competent in their careers.

      Target Audience

      College students enrolled in an introductory foods class.

      Course/Curriculum Description

      Scientific Principles of Food Preparation is taught at a 4-year university. It consists of a 1-hour laboratory and a 3-hr lecture. Fifteen instructional videos focusing on the science and preparation of food were developed to help students build foundational knowledge. The videos were no more than 4 minutes in length. This study consisted of 2 classes. One class served as the experimental group, while the other served as the control. The experimental group viewed the videos before conducting experiments, completing pre-lab quizzes, and lab reports. The control group viewed the videos after conducting experiments, completing pre-lab quizzes, and lab reports. There were 15 students in each group.

      Evaluation Methods

      Students’ pre-lab quizzes and lab reports were graded as usual. The averages for the pre-lab quizzes, lab reports, and the final grades were compared. Data was analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).


      There was a significant difference (P < .05) in the pre-lab quiz and lab report, and final class grades between the control and experimental group. The experimental group scored significantly higher on all measures.


      As evidenced by the grades for both groups of students, the ability to view the videos before the start of lab did improve learning. Students who read the lab manual and viewed the videos were exposed to the same material twice. Developing videos may be one way to help nutrition students understand scientific concepts of food preparation.
      Funding: None.

      Appendix. Supplementary data