P83 A Creative Approach to Developing Branding and Marketing Materials for the NC Summer Nutrition Program


      To support NC Summer Nutrition Program (NC SNP) sponsors and sites with marketing the program by developing statewide branding and marketing materials.

      Use of Theory or Research

      Federal SNPs, including the Summer Food Service Program and National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option, provide free meals to children in low-income areas during the summer. These programs are highly underutilized and a major challenge faced by sponsors and sites is marketing and awareness of the SNP.

      Target Audience

      2018 and 2019 NC SNP sponsors and sites.

      Program Description

      In the spring of 2017, the NC Department of Public Instruction and No Kid Hungry NC held a NC SNP logo contest for high school students. A logo and mascot, a sun character named Ray, were selected from the entries. Over the course of the next year, a variety of promotional materials were developed featuring the logo and Ray including posters, postcards, banners, stickers, refrigerator magnets, yard signs, and videos. Ray was brought to life with a mascot costume and makes appearances throughout the state. Ray even has his own social media pages. The materials were made available to organizations running the SNP prior to the summer of 2018 and are promoted through trainings, events, websites, email campaigns, and social media.

      Evaluation Methods

      Online surveys with questions related to marketing strategies, including use of NC SNP marketing materials, were sent to NC SNP sponsors and sites in October of 2018 and 2019.


      The percentage of respondents using at least one type of NC SNP marketing material was 93% for sponsors and 68% for sites in 2018 and 83% for sponsors and 67% for sites in 2019. Sponsors and sites also gave positive feedback on the materials.


      The statewide branding and marketing materials developed for the NC SNP were well-received by sponsors and sites, and helped them with marketing the program.
      Funding None.

      Appendix. Supplementary data