P6 The Seed to Supper Online Program and Its Effect on Motivation to Consume Fruit and Vegetables Among Beginning Gardeners in New Mexico


      To assess whether Seed to Supper Online, an online, self-paced, beginning vegetable gardening program designed for adults gardening on a budget, impacts participants’ motivation to consume more fruits and vegetables.

      Use of Theory or Research

      The Social Cognitive Theory guides the Seed to Supper Online program. Additionally, Seed to Supper Online was developed following the Quality Matters Standards.

      Target Audience

      Thirty-three adults who participated in Seed to Supper Online, a self-paced online course offered statewide in New Mexico.

      Program Description

      Using the Canvas course management system, Seed to Supper, traditionally a face-to-face program, was adapted and converted to an online self-paced program. The course consists of 7 modules that include lecture videos, hands on activities, quizzes, and self-reflection. Participants can optionally join a private Facebook group and bi-monthly live virtual Q&A sessions. Topics covered include planning, soil, planting, garden care, and harvesting.

      Evaluation Methods

      Participants completed an electronic pre and post intervention survey. The surveys collected information on participants’ gardening experience, learning goals, and motivations regarding fruit and vegetable consumption.


      The survey showed positive results, with 90% of participants reporting they had more motivation to eat more fruits and vegetables after completing the Seed to Supper Online course.


      The findings from this test suggest participating in the Seed to Supper Online course increases participants’ motivation to eat fruits and vegetables, which may lead to increased fruit and vegetable consumption among adults.
      Funding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education Expanded Food and Nutrition Program.

      Appendix. Supplementary data