P112 Partnering for Community-Health and Wellness: A County-Wide, Mayor's Fitness Challenge


      To increase physical activity in citizens utilizing a competition between cities and other partnerships.

      Use of Theory or Research

      Knowing that accountability is a major factor in increasing physical activity, the Mayor's Fitness Challenge is a competition designed to promote health and wellness and provide accountability and positive reinforcement.

      Target Audience

      Citizens of all ages living in Brevard County.

      Program Description

      To mitigate organizational challenges, this program takes a county-wide approach and utilizes partnerships to provide opportunities for multiple cities and organizations to address community health and wellness via a challenge that shares resources, funding, personnel, and expertise. Eleven of the 16 municipalities participated in a free, 8-week fitness challenge designed to get citizens involved in a healthy competition. Everyone who joins within a municipality is considered part of that mayor's "team." The only requirement is participants must start moving and track their progress. The committee uses a point system to equalize different team sizes. The municipality with the most points is awarded ‘Most Fit City 2021.’ Throughout the challenge, city leaders, county parks, and other organizations partnered to host more than 35 free physical activities to keep citizens involved. Examples of past events include beach clean ups, virtual 5k walks, yoga, and Zumba.

      Evaluation Methods

      Minutes of physical activity were self-reported by participants weekly. This was tracked through an online program developed by the committee. Additionally, participants were asked to complete an online post-survey, which asked about healthy habits adopted and general feedback of the program.


      Last year, 1,877 residents registered with 65% completing the full challenge and reporting over 4.5 million minutes of exercise. Based on post-survey results, 70% of participants reported an increase in the number of days they exercised, development of at least 1 new healthy habit that improved their sleep, mood, and/or focus, and an intent to continue incorporating physical activity into their routine.


      These results suggest that participants who are empowered by their community incorporate healthy choices into their lifestyle.

      Appendix. Supplementary data