P072 Developing a Nutrition Security Action Plan for a University


      To develop a Nutrition Security Plan to be implemented within a large public university

      Use of Theory/Research

      Prior research suggests that college students struggle with food insecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the health disparities that are exacerbated by an unhealthy diet. Highlighting the need for university students to not only have food security but also nutrition security.

      Target Audience

      University students particularly insecure students and those at risk for food insecurity

      Program Description

      University partners such as university administration, students, food service contract staff, county health department nutrition staff, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human services nutrition staff worked together to develop a Nutrition Security Plan for our University. Plan development focused on three areas. First, food purchasing behaviors and barriers to nutrition security on campus were assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Second, existing nutrition supporting services on campus (e.g. food pantry, Swipe out Hunger, student garden) were documented and reviewed. Third, nutrition support programs and initiatives in operation at other universities were researched and considered for implementation.

      Evaluation Methods

      Review of the peer-reviewed, the grey literature, and university student services websites to see what strategies other universities used to address the food needs of students


      The Nutrition Security Plan was submitted to University leadership in Fall 2021. To date, 3 of 12 University Nutrition Security Plan recommendations have been implemented . These are a centralized resource center for student nutrition needs was created and posted on the university student support website; a university bus route that stops at a grocery store was implemented; and a SNAP Eligibility Screener for Students was developed and disseminated among student financial aid and student support services.


      Universities can generate a Nutrition Security Plan for students by building an interdisciplinary team, reviewing the current services on campus reviewing the literature and services offered at other universities to generate ideas, then working together to expand successful existing programs and proposing promising interventions.


      Center for Disease Control and Prevention


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