Abstract| Volume 54, ISSUE 7, SUPPLEMENT , S79-S80, July 2022

P129 Partnering with Migrant Head Start Program to Implement Farm-to-Preschool Festival in a Bag During Pandemic

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      To implement and evaluate Farm-to-Preschool Festival in a Bag program during pandemic.

      Use of Theory or Research

      Previous research showed positive association between Farm-to-School activities with willingness to try and liking new fruits and vegetables in young low-income children. Farm-to-Preschool Festival educational kit was developed by Extension Professionals using evidence-based curriculum such as Teams with Intergenerational Support, MyPlate information, and Shape of Yoga. Lessons were piloted and adapted into online videos with activity instruction and materials sent to parents.

      Target Audience

      Migrant Head Start families who picked up Farm-to-Preschool Festival bags in 2021.

      Program Description

      University of California Cooperative Extension CalFresh Healthy Living program and Farm Smart Program developed and delivered 344 festival bags to three Migrant Head Start centers in Imperial County. The activities include Green Thumb Planting and Storytime, MyPlate activity, Music on the Farm, Let Get Active, Scrub a Dub handwashing activity, and Let's Craft. Parents received QR codes in the bag and email links from the center manager to watch activity videos. All materials were developed in English and Spanish.

      Evaluation Methods

      A retrospective Qualtrics survey was sent to parents who received festival bags by Migrant Head Start center manager.


      Participants filled out 35 surveys in Spanish and 20 surveys in English which represented 103 children. Eighty percent of parents said they did activities with their children using materials and videos provided. Participants enjoyed the activities, and no suggestion was provided for improvements. Participants' pictures and quotes from parents were shared with us. Program manager expressed future collaboration interest to continue Farm-to-Preschool Festival and nutrition education. The top favorite activities were planting activity, music on the farm, and MyPlate activity.


      Feedback gathered from community partners and participants suggested Farm-to-Preschool in a bag was an acceptable adaptation to in-person festival in compliance with health and safety guidelines during pandemic.


      Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education; First 5 Imperial; University of California, Agriculture and Nature Resources