JNEB invites you to be a reviewer!

What does a reviewer do?

  • Reviewers provide feedback on the paper, suggest improvements, and make a recommendation to the editor to accept, reject, or request revisions to the article. You will then follow the article through the review process and consult with JNEB Associate Editors to maintain consistency.

  • You’ll be invited to review an article over the following 2 or 3 weeks under the supervision of a JNEB associate editor. If the timing is not good, you can pass until next time.

  • A reviewer will be asked to complete reviews of 3 to 5 articles each year.

  • It will typically take just an hour or two of your time per review, depending on the paper and your familiarity with the subject.

Why would I want to be a reviewer?

  • Early access

Being a reviewer means having early access to the most recent nutrition education and behavior research.

  • Pushing your research forward

Submitting a grant? Being a reviewer helps you publish your work more quickly, as there is less of a backlog of submissions.

  • Promotion and tenure

Being a reviewer is often an expected part of your annual review and promotion and tenure reviews. Reviewing for JNEB helps gain national and international service and recognition.

  • Professional growth

Being a reviewer helps you evaluate and improve your own writing and science.

  • Service to your profession

Reviewing is a way to give back to the profession and the reviewers who made it possible for you to publish.


Reviewer recognition

JNEB annually thanks all of its reviewers (https://www.jneb.org/content/reviewerthanks) and presents awards to exceptional reviewers (https://www.jneb.org/content/awards_reviewers_excellence). Becoming a JNEB reviewer means joining a group of dedicated, passionate nutrition educators committed to advancing the profession. Current reviewers are also considered for positions on the JNEB Board of Editors.

Am I qualified to become a JNEB reviewer?

It’s quite possible that you can become a JNEB reviewer:

  • If you have a doctorate, you can be a reviewer of all paper types accepted by JNEB.

  • If you have a Master’s degree and/or RD credential, you can review our GEMs or New Resources.

Is there training available?

  • Yes, JNEB has reviewer documentation specific to JNEB and the Editorial Manager software, and JNEB’s publisher Elsevier also has an extensive training library.

Sign me up! How do I become a reviewer?

To sign up to be a reviewer:

  1. On the JNEB website click Submit an Article and once on the Editorial Manager website click Register Now.
  2. Although this implies you are submitting a paper, choose reviewer instead of author

Indicate your areas of expertise referring to the JNEB reviewer classifications. This is important, as it will help ensure that you receive articles relevant to your expertise, potentially reducing the amount of time needed to review. Need more information? Email managingeditor@jneb.org.