Revised Great Educational Material (GEM) Reviewing Guidelines

Great Educational Material (GEM) Reviewing Guidelines Note: GEMs do not require abstracts. However, authors are asked to provide 2 to 3 sentences summarizing the educational program or tool being evaluated and the results of the evaluation (50-word limit). This summary is sent to reviewers but will not be part of the GEMs' publication.

GEMs describe educational material, including brochures, curricula, videos, websites, apps, materials, or something tangible that teaches audiences/individuals to change behavior. GEMs may also be an educational process (teaching style or venue). The material or process should be described in enough detail to be replicated. It is preferable that the material be available to readers, and links or sources to be included in NOTES.

A GEM should:

__Contribute something new and unique to the literature (generally not having been published before).
__ Provide examples of practical nutrition education projects and materials used at the local, state, national, or global levels.
__ Provide enough description that it could be replicated. Introduction
__ Describes why the program, material, or teaching process is worth writing about and what gaps in the literature or practice it fills.

Body of GEM

___ Describes who the target audience is.

___States the purpose or objective.

___ Describes the program, material or teaching process in detail so that it could be replicated. Includes any theory that was used in development.

___ Describes how the program or material was evaluated, including any theories. An evaluation of a GEM should go beyond liking of the program or material. A power analysis to justify the number of people or responses is not needed. However, the outcomes or results should be analyzed statistically beyond providing frequencies or other descriptive data. These analyses are usually less in-depth than those in a Research Article or Brief.

___Provides evaluation results.

___Describes future refinement or use and adaptability to other audiences.

Examples of best GEMs for your reference to examine before reviewing include:

  • Umoren J, Brasseur K, Yao P, Ozier AD, Medina C, Sommer B, Maturrano J. Food Pantries Integrating Eating Competence, Interest/Enjoyment in Physical Activity and Self-Efficacy for Pantry Participants. J Nutr. Educ. Behav. 2020;52:195¬–198.
  • Savoie-Roskos MR, Coombs C, Neid-Avila J, Chipman J, Nelson S, Rowley L, LeBlanc H. Create Better Health: A Practical Approach to Improving Cooking Skills and Food Security. J. Nutr Educ Behav. 2019;51:116–120.