Perspective Reviewing Guidelines

Perspectives have an unstructured abstract written in paragraph form of 100 words or less. The unstructured abstract provides a brief overview of all key aspects of the manuscript. Topics covered in a conventional abstract depend on whether the manuscript describes a program and its evaluation, a new research method, or a review of literature or policy issues. All abstracts begin with a clearly defined purpose or objective and end with conclusions and implications for research, practice, and policy making.

Perspectives include the following major sections: Introduction, Discussion, and Implications for Research and Practice. They should not include sections for Methods or Results. Instead, they should employ alternately titled headings that distinguish them from Research Articles and Research Briefs. Examples include those headings that would present the viewpoint, premise, or argument beyond an introduction—that is, these headings reflect the concept, program, model, or topic about which the authors have a viewpoint.

Perspectives are articles communicating opinions on current issues and controversies in the field. Opinions expressed in Perspectives are supported by references.

Please comment on any criteria in Manuscript Rating Question where your rating is 3 or below and is not N/A.