JNEB Policies

Brand or Proprietary Name Use
JNEB allows the use of brand or proprietary names as they relate to the research methods or data, with the following exceptions

Data Sharing
JNEB does not require data sharing for publishing. However,

Errata and Corrigenda
If an author finds an error in their manuscript after publication, they may contact the Managing Editor (managingeditor@jneb.org). […continued]

New Resources
The journal's goal in having New Resources reviewed is to provide timely and thoughtful synopsis and critique of books, websites, pamphlets, curricula, and other resources for the readership.

Resources may be solicited or unsolicited by the JNEB editorial staff; however, the selection of which resources are reviewed is determined by the editorial staff.

Potential reviewers should declare any economic or conceptual conflict of interest before submitting a review. In this regard, reviews are not marketing or advertising for the material. Strong personal objection concerning the resource publisher or content is also not appropriate. The review should represent a summary of the material and a professional critique of strengths and weaknesses.

JNEB reserves the right to recommend edits to the review or to decline to publish the review. Timing of any review of New Resources is also at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Preprints are manuscripts that are shared by authors for the purposes of inviting comment from the research community and for the purposes of establishing that innovations have been made by the researchers. Authors may post their work on preprint servers and websites; however, these papers have not been through the peer-review process.

Position Papers
Position papers provide a comprehensive discussion of SNEB’s policy on one or more topics. Containing extensive background information and analysis, the position paper provides a more complete understanding of the issues and the reason behind the position(s) set forth by the organization

Review Process
JNEB receives a large number of manuscripts and must carefully screen new submissions for writing clarity, meaningfulness to our readership, impact to the literature, and robust methodology. The initial screening, based on these criteria, is completed by the Editor in Chief.

Use of Professional Language
As a general policy, the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB) does not edit reviewer comments or responses of authors to reviewers. In this regard, authors and reviewers are to adhere to principles of professional language in such that correspondence does not include slander, profanity, personal or professionals insults, or discourteous discourse. If these principles are not adhered to, JNEB reserves the right to edit or omit this correspondence

Reviewed December 2021