Call for SNEB Position Paper Topics

Position papers provide a comprehensive discussion of SNEB’s policy on one or more topics. Containing extensive background information and analysis, the position paper provides a more complete understanding of the issues and the reason behind the positions(s) set forth by the organization.

To have a topic considered for next year, send a proposal with the following information:

  • Statement of position (in one or two sentences)
  • Background and rationale for proposed position (~1.5 pages, single spaced)
  • Objectives (eg, “to provide evidence for effectiveness of school cafeteria-based interventions on increasing fruit and vegetables intake among children and youth.) Typically, multiple objectives are submitted targeting major segments of the proposed topic.
  • Key points (to serve as an outline for the position; accompanying peer-reviewed citations for each point should be included)
  • Reference list
  • Suggested authors
  • Collaborating organizations and type of collaborations, if applicable (e.g., joint development with another society)

to JNEB’s Editor-in-Chief, Karen Chapman-Novakofski, PhD, RDN by October 1, 2018.

The position paper committee will review each submitted topic and rationale and decide on topics that will be forwarded to the SNEB Board of Directors (BOD) for vote. Once topics are approved by the BOD, authors and reviewers will be invited. SNEB position papers will be peer reviewed and published in JNEB.

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